About Momart

Momart is an acknowledged authority on the handling of fine arts and antiquities.

Our expertise with fragile, rare, valued and monumental objects has made us one of the largest specialists world-wide. Momart’s passion for quality and customer service engenders a totally unique level of care.


About Momart

Many years of experience and detailed planning enable us to create a cost efficient service for all our clients – from moving a single picture to handling an international exhibition or corporate collection.

The cornerstone of the relationship between the Momart workforce and our clients is centred on a shared passion for art and its care.

Low staff turnover across many years has enabled us to build a wealth of expertise in handling every aspect of a client’s needs, from an individual to a national institution.

Momart personnel have handled the majority of all major exhibitions in the UK over the past twenty years.


In 1971, Momart began as a partner to a number of young artists, collectors, dealers and galleries, many of whom are still our clients and now much more famous than we are.

Now well established, Momart can draw on a wide range of specialist skills and still gear its service to the exact requirements of the individual – which explains its enduring popularity with commercial galleries, artists, dealers and private collectors.

After more than thirty years' experience, Momart has earned the trust of all major museums and art galleries within the UK and throughout the world. We also help global corporations to manage and move their corporate collections.

Momart’s sterling efforts can also be measured in financial terms. We are as diligent with our customers’ budgets as we are with their collections.


It is the vision and personal involvement of the company’s owner managers that drive Momart’s reputation for outstanding care, quality and efficiency in the handling of fine art and antiquities.